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Top 10 ERP Companies In Chennai

TOP 10 ERP Companies In Chennai

Enterprise Resource Planning, better known as ERP Software, is a management software used by businesses around the world to easily manage their daily workflows. An effective ERP system helps in integrating basic functions happening within an organization and providing data on a single plane, facilitating easy access for management. These basic functions extend to HR, manufacturing, finance, inventory, logistics, etc.

If you are looking for the best ERP service providers in Chennai, you have reached the right place. This article details the top 10 ERP companies in Chennai, from which you can avail the best services.

1. Banibro IT Solutions : 

Banibro IT Solutions was established in 2013. During the course of it’s growth as an Odoo service provider, they have served over 45 clients worldwide. As One of the top ERP software companies in Chennai & Coimbatore, their innovative team allows organizations to prosper in the digital age with cutting-edge technological solutions, with a focus on customized Odoo ERP development, mobile apps, and web applications.

2. Sage Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd : Sage Software Solutions is known for providing the best ERP software for business management to increase staff productivity, boost efficiency, deliver real-time business insights, strengthen teamwork, and promptly address client needs. Services available at Sage allow you to keep your finances under control, ensure efficient management of your supply chain, provide intelligent insights, enable data driven working culture, and foster strong customer relationships.

3. Ramco ERP : Founded in 1997, Ramco Systems Limited is an Indian multinational software company that offers services in the areas of Aviation, ERP, HRP, and Logistics software. The company has operations at 28 locations in 35 nations. Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, serves as its administrative centre. The ERP services provided cover enterprise asset management, production, finance, supply chain management, project management, facility management, and much more.

4. eNoah : Both ISO 27001-certified and HIPAA compliant, eNoah provides state-of-the-art BPO and IT solutions globally. eNoah offers Fortune 500 organizations best-in-class support services in the fields of integrated health, insurance, manufacturing, and automotive. The company constantly strives towards helping its clients achieve phenomenal business transformation and tries to continuously set a high bar as a comprehensive, customer-centric IT solutions and business process improvement provider, excelling in quality, reliability, and delivery.

5. Amitysoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd : Amitysoft Technologies Private Limited was established in 1998 by professionals with substantial technical and managerial experience in the IT industry with the vision to anticipate needs and offer innovative, flexible, and cost-effective solutions that increase value for stakeholders. Through the course of its work, Amitysoft has built a solid foundation by successfully providing IT services to clients around the world.
6. Agaram Infotech : Creating specialized ERP software solutions for many sectors around the globe, Agaram InfoTech provides you with optimal business solutions that answer to your unique business needs. Their ability to offer reasonably priced ERP software development services sets them apart from the competition and helps your company acquire a competitive edge in the market.
7. Datanote : DataNote is the top enterprise solution in India, assisting companies in implementing cloud-based ERP systems and fostering scalability while also guaranteeing the privacy of their data by preventing sharing with any third parties, including implementation partners. As opposed to traditional ERP implementation, Datanote’s current technology offers OpenLogic Framework, which allows businesses to avoid disclosing all of their data, business logic, trade secrets, operational logic, and formulas.
8. Rednote : Fragua Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., a company based in Chennai, is responsible for the development and design of Rednote. A group of businesspeople founded Fragua Technologies in 2016 to offer top-notch software services to customers in India. Because of the high calibre of their software and customer service, Fragua Technologies has more than 600 customers in India. Rednote was created specifically to offer affordable, straightforward bills. It offers all the functions that are necessary for every business, not just invoices.
9. Roadmap IT : Roadmap IT, a pioneer in delivering Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to digitize the workflow of all types of companies, was founded in Puducherry, India, in 2004. An organization with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications, Roadmap IT is run by business professionals with more than 20 years of expertise in a variety of industries. Their locally created and owned, highly scalable, versatile, and user-friendly generic ERP software is designed to be ready-fit or custom-fit for all types of Industries, for both On-Premise and On-Cloud implementations, and has the benefit of being an Oracle Gold Partner.
10. Otibro Techni Pvt. Ltd : Otibro is a leading supplier of cutting-edge business solutions and specializes in web app development, digital marketing, mobile app development, and Odoo ERP software. Otibro is dedicated to assisting companies of all sizes in streamlining their processes and achieving greater success, and they do so with a team of highly qualified individuals.

Conclusion : Finding the best ERP service provider that values the uniqueness of your business and provides services that suit the specific needs of your business is of utmost importance in ensuring the complete success of ERP implementation. Equip yourself with the most facilitating features of ERP and move towards better productivity and efficiency.

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