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Transforming a Manufacturing Company’s Performance with Odoo Implementation: A Client Success Story


Discover how Banibro’s tailored solutions revolutionized the performance of a manufacturing company. Through a deep understanding of their challenges and a customized approach leveraging Odoo for manufacturing company, we delivered impactful strategies that propelled sales, heightened revenue, and delighted customers. This showcases the power of customized Odoo solutions to unlock hidden potential within any manufacturing business. Join us to unravel the basic details of Odoo for manufacturing, including the Material Request Module and Inventory Module.

Manufacturing Module:

After entering the manufacturing module, a dashboard with four basic and important job overview of the process is displayed such as,

1. Incomplete Job Item

2. Pending Material Receive (Warehouse to Floor)

3. Incomplete Delivery

4. Pending Product Release (Floor to Warehouse)

Step 1:

The list of features we can expect in Odoo 17 is covered here.

1. Under Operations àManufacturing order, new manufacturing order can be created.

As per the latest Odoo update, the image below will give an insight on the user interface and experience. This is the expectation reality may differ in the final release. But Odoo will come up with an exciting UI for sure.

Advanced Search:

Odoo have an extended search functionality already but they are still extending their search mechanism in different aspect. Now Odoo come up with an advanced search filter where user can easily define the search filter to search records. This option is definitely going to be an advantage for business with more data load.


In the past several Odoo versions, Odoo is concentrating more towards keyboard shortcuts to enhance user experience. So Odoo PWA might be updated with several shortcuts which allows easy access of odoo apps.

Odoo provides access to select records using keyboard and easily unselect it through keys.

Freeze header:

Odoo doesn’t have header freeze option in earlier versions so when we scroll down header will be hidden. Now they come up with the option to freeze header even when we scroll through records.

Product Catalog:

Odoo may allow to select products in sale order from Kanban view like showing complete product catalog so we can select the required product and add it in order line. So, user can easily select the product without searching much.

Sign Reminder:

Odoo reminds you about the documents you need to sign or you need to get it signed. No need to keep all reminders in mind let odoo do it for you so you can concentrate on enhancing the productivity of your business.

In conclusion

To conclude, Odoo ERP is always coming up with surprises in its every version. We have got many updates that allows businesses not to worry much about internal operations which odoo can take care of. In the same way , we can expect lot more advanced and exciting features in Odoo17 . To know more about Odoo updates, please follow our blogs, we will keep you posted about Odoo. And you can also ask your queries to us through chat. Feel free to contact us!

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