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Development of Mobile App for Online saloon


This document contains the requirements that are captured in our requirement gathering meeting. The points mentioned will be verified and confirmed by the client, so that Banibro can start working on the requirement mentioned in this document. Additional points can be added in the project at any point of time but it will be added as a new requirement.

1.1 Purpose

To list and explain the requirements of online salon application. Online Salon application helps user to book for a barber online to take service at the comfort of home and pay online and track their barber location.

1.2 Scope

  • To develop a online salon mobile application (Android &IOS)
  • Developing a Staff mobile application (Android &IOS)
  • Developing an admin application (Web)
  • Features included in this BRD are in scope.
  • Additional Features can be added in future as a new Change Request.



Need three types of interfaces, two mobile apps one for the user and another for employee. The third will be a web application managing all the data recorded in the mobile apps.

Odoo ERP software

2.1 Functional Requirements

Customer will be using the mobile app/website to make an appointment after selecting the package and also the available time slots will be visible for them to choose from. From the time the appointment booked reminders and alerts will be given based on the staff login. These reminders and alerts will be given to the staff in their mobile app. These mobile app is tab and lap responsive. They can view the customer location and go to that location at that particular time using the map integration. And after a service has been given the payment page will be visible and the staffs can receive the payment through modern payment methods. These all transactions will be recorded in the web application so that management can have full transparency of the jobs done.

2.1.1 Required Interfaces

  1. User Mobile App
  2. Staff Application
  3. Web Application (Admin Panel)

2.2. Requirements matrix for CUSTOMER/USER MOBILE APP module

sign- in/registration page for the client.

They can also know their past services they got with the payment details.

They can view the services offered and they can select their desired service.

On clicking one service it will redirect to a cart type infra where you can add even any other services needed.

Service booking charge will be applicable.

Service Charge will be added by the barber after the service has been completed.

Warning of the service price limit should come before appointment confirmation.

menu where client can see where the mobile vans are available in a map view.

A location icon will be given to select their location.

The customers can also select their desired stylists.

There details and their ratings will be visible so that they can decide their appointment.

a calendar view to select the date and time available for them to choose.

Scheduled Reminders via email, app notification will be given on time.

Customer can select the app notification which redirects them to the app.

In there they will have the track my salon button which will open the next page.

The tracker will show where their salon is in the map. And below they have option to call the driver or even to cancel the appointment.

If canceled near the appointment time a percentage of charge will be deducted from the booking fee. Customers can record there experience and comments.

2.2.1 Process flow diagram

Odoo ERP software
Odoo ERP software
Odoo ERP software

2.3 Requirements matrix for STAFF APPLICATION

App can be used in all the platforms like mobile, Tablet and also laptops.

All the appointments scheduled will be visible for them.

They can view the details and they can accept the appointments.

Options to accept, decline and transfer the appointment.

Once the appointment time is getting close the stylists will get the notifications.

They can view the customer location through map. Also, they can call the client for better navigation.

Various types of payment gateway can be integrated. New payment types like Google Pay, PayPal.

2.3.1 Process Flow Diagram

Odoo ERP software
Odoo ERP software
Odoo ERP software

2.4 Requirements Matrix for ADMIN PANEL

All transactions and master data configuration -1) Company Info 2) Staff Info 3) Appointments Track 4) Service Add/Edit/Delete 5) Categories 6) Payments 7) Mass mailing 8) Customer Review/Comments.

Manual Sharing option of each and every recorded comment and rating in social media for business development

Total bookings and payment received report within a selected time range.

Staff number of orders report-Number of orders serviced by the staff in a month with ratings.


2.4.1 Workflow for Admin Panel

Odoo ERP software