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ERP software for heavy equipment dealers with multi-branch management.

Executive Summary

Doyen Machines PVT LTD has embarked on the process of acquiring the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in order to streamline the business support processes that will promote the organizational collaboration and undoubtedly increase efficiency, which is the ultimate strategic goal. Doyen Machines PVT LTD recommended the ERP implementation to close the identified capability gaps. Below are the expected benefits for implementation of the ERP.

  • Eliminate missing sales data
  • Eliminate improper invoicing
  • Enhance data integrity
  • Improve the data collection and access
  • Increase data security
  • Enforce regulation among multi companies

Business Objectives

Odoo ERP software

Business Problems and Need

Following the initial onsite discussion, the following capability gaps were identified and reported by Doyen Machine PVT LTD.


There is a need to address the transparency of the sales and other transactions going in the branches associated with Doyen Machines PVT LTD. These channels are required to facilitate the ease of getting information on the fly for business decision making as well as for making it easy for information to be submitted and queries to be made to Doyen Machine PVT LTD.

Business Intelligence

Doyen Machines PVT LTD needs a reporting platform where all the recorded data can be filtered, grouped and also compared. The reporting option should also support in downloading as csv file. Overdue payments should be recalled to the responsible station at the first level. After that, it should give reminders to the Chennai branch that the high level. Secondary approvals are required for high level transactions.

Business Need

The Organization needs a Modern Enterprise Resource Planning system that will support the business functions that are in scope. The system should give full transparency and intelligent reports to pin point the issues.



Banibro plans to implement the Odoo ERP solution with all the requirements described.

Business Area Scope

All branches and employees of Doyen Machines PVT LTD will use the ERP system. However, below are the business functions that are in scope and directly affected by the change.

Odoo ERP software

Key Features

  • Mobility – access ERP data and tools anywhere, anytime via the internet
  • Activity Scheduler
  • Documents Attachment
  • Export / Import data via document
  • Built-in reporting option
  • Printing option in all form view


Terms that are not stated on the business area scope are beyond the scope.

Business Requirements

Purchase Management

  • Enable the logging(creation) of new RFQ/RFP
  • Update the RFQ/RFP

     Track RFQ/RFP status

  • System to send suppliers the regret/award letter template upon quote/proposal evaluation completion.
  • The system must produce a consolidated report on RFQ/RFP activities end to end.
  • The system must support a 3-way match : Quote, Purchase Order generated from quote, Invoice.
  • The system must enable goods receipting.

Inventory Management

  • Stock level can be seen between branches.
  • Request for stock from branches should come to Chennai branch.
  • Chennai Branch will decide and issue transfer request to the branches.


  • Separate Invoicing maintained between branches.
  • Editing option for employees and other branches should be disabled.
  • Debit / Credit management.
  • Outstanding Receivables second
  • level reminder should come to Chennai branch.
  • For major amount transactions notification should go to Chennai branch.


  • Payment Terms once sales order validated should not be changed. Approval should come to Chennai branch.

General Requirement

  • General Access rights and configurations for ERP. (as per Banibro implementation rule)

Business Intelligence

  • Reporting Capability
  • System must have built-in standard reports that are customizable


  • Changes made on the system should be automatically updated on all areas.

Unique views

System has unique views for each user level:

  • Employee view
  • Manager view

Head of division/department view