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Implementation of Odoo ERP software for Chemical Industry


This document showcases the requirement observed from the initial meeting with Superb Solutions for you Inc. This requirement needs a fully integrated HR management system with CRM and Sales module to easily monitor their initial transactions. This document will have the list of modules Banibro has to implement and the list of changes or features Superb Solutions for you Inc. need in those modules. 

Banibro’s goal is to understand the requirements mentioned in this document and configure the features and ensure the listed requirements have been met. This document will have those lists with their purpose. The images used in this document by Banibro are virtually designed end product may differ from it.

  • CRM
  1. Leads
  2. Opportunities
  3. Customers
  4. Reporting
  • HRMS
  1. Announcements
  2. Appraisal
  3. Calendar
  4. Contacts
  5. Dashboard
  6. Discuss
  7. Employees
  8. Expenses
  9. Leaves
  10. Loans and Advances
  11. Payroll
  12. Project
  13. Recruitment
  14. Reminder
  15. Surveys
  16. Timesheets
  17. Helpdesk
  • Sales
  1. Streamline Communication
  2. Manage Products
  3. Reporting


 An intuitive user interface designed for sales. A Dashboard for a better overview of the sales activities. Useful tips and best practices to configure and deploy your CRM. Get leads automatically created from emails, VoIP calls. Send quotes in just a few clicks, manage your pipeline with drag & drop, etc Sell faster.

Odoo ERP software


Easily import prospects files with Odoo’s column matching tool. Define your own rules to assign leads to the right sales team or salesperson based on quotas and segments.

Odoo ERP software


Get a clear overview of the opportunity pipeline. Work faster with the drag & drop interface. Set up specific stages for each sales team. Possibility to create sub-stages to better organize the processes. Plan next actions and schedule your daily work based on most important opportunities and tasks. Track, log and analyze the activities of your team.

Odoo ERP software


Get a clear address book shared amongst your sales persons. Have multiple addresses and contacts for a single company. Get the full history of activities attached to any customer: opportunities, orders, invoices, total due, etc.

Odoo ERP software


Analyze your opportunities pipeline with advanced filters, grouping, drill down, etc. Get statistics about your sources of leads to evaluate the ROI of your marketing campaigns. Use predefined dashboards or build your own with the advanced reporting engine. Share filters with the team.

Odoo ERP software



This module is used to do the announcement activities. Upcoming celebrations, off days, special events etc. and share it to all our users, just like a noticeboard.

Odoo ERP software


This module is used for the evaluation of employees and to understand their abilities for growth and development of the company.

Odoo ERP software


This module is an all in all calendar application. It allows to have a detailed in hand calendar which can be of great usage. Basically, the calendar can be chosen in three views, day view, week view and month view. All three views can be accessed from the same window.

Odoo ERP software


This module gives all the information regarding the various contacts in connection with your company.

Odoo ERP software


All the vital information regarding an employee is available in the dashboard.

Important details like pay slips generated, running contracts, timesheets and broad factor are accessible from here with just one click. As you see in the screenshot you get a comprehensive view of all the vital information. You can see options like pay slips, timesheets, contracts, broad factor etc. from the dashboard. Their number is mentioned below. Also, you get information about leave requests and job applications received.

Odoo ERP software


This module is a discussion platform. Here you can send messages, receive messages in your inbox etc. The operation is similar to other chat rooms.

Odoo ERP software


This module gives details about the employees working in the company and also about all the employee activities. You get to see various employee’s working on your company along with their working position.

Odoo ERP software


In this module the employee can submit their various expenses to the company which can be either approved or rejected. You can add the details about your expense, you also can add bill reference.

Odoo ERP software


This module deals with all the activities related to employee leaves and related activities. The dashboard will show a calendar where the leaves will be marked, that is if there are any.

Odoo ERP software

Loan and salary advance

This module allows the user to apply for loans with details such as loan amount, instalment payment date, number of instalments, attachments etc. In the advance option we have salary advance, approved salary advance and salary advance to approve.

Odoo ERP software
Odoo ERP software


This module deals with the payroll management of the company. Payroll refers to the total amount of money that a company pays to its employees. You can get various details like employee name, pay slip name, dates, company and status of the pay slip. We have options for salary structure, salary rules, contribution registers and contract advantage templates.

Odoo ERP software


The various projects associated with the company is handled using project module. In the project dashboard you get to see various projects in your company.

Odoo ERP software


Every activity related with recruitment can be carried out with the help of recruitment module. Recruitment is a very time consuming and tiring process for HR, this module automates the works happening in the recruitment procedure and thus make things simpler for the HR.

Odoo ERP software


This module is used to set specific reminders so as to inform about important occasions, meetings etc.


This module can be used to create surveys for getting proper feedback and response from the employee side.

Odoo ERP software


This module gives details about the time spent by employees. It enables tracking of time spent by employee on a project or on a certain task or subtask. We have options to view our time sheets as well as all time sheets.

Odoo ERP software


This module will provide the option and fields required to gather any request or support ticket from the employees. The priority of the requests will also can be determined so that the HR can plan the work accordingly. It is very helpful to maintain a strong relationship between employees and management.

Odoo ERP software


Create a polished quote in seconds. Use predefined products, price lists, and templates to help your salespeople work more efficiently. Send Pro-forma invoices to your customers. Convert quotations into sales orders.

Odoo ERP software

Streamline Communication

Follow key quotations and orders in just a click and get alerts based on relevant activities. See all of your email communications automatically attached to the associated customer order. Email templates for specific products to provide relevant information to buyers such as instructions, service reminders, etc.

Odoo ERP software

Manage Products

Create and configure products with multiple attributes or variants.

Manage any type of product including services, Stockable products, delivery charges, electronic products, or consumables. Add pricelists to individual products depending on each customer’s segment.


Choose whether your statistics are based on orders, invoices, or both. Group sales by any category such as product type, salesperson, country, and sales team.

Odoo ERP software