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Implementation of Odoo ERP software for Medical Equipment supplier and distributor

Executive Summary

Rajan Enterprises has embarked on the process of acquiring the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in order to streamline the business support processes that will promote the organizational collaboration and undoubtedly increase efficiency, which is the ultimate strategic goal. This document helps to understand the business requirements collected against Odoo implementation to be done for Rajan Enterprises.

About Company

Rajan Enterprises is a leading medical and other gases providing Chennai based company. The main mission of the company is to provide oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc, gases and supports to the customers. Their vision is to enhance the incoming and outgoing product’s tracking and business productivity.

Organizational Structure

Odoo ERP software
Odoo ERP software

Business Flow in Detailed Words

Rajan Enterprises will buy the gas cylinders from their supplier companies. Each cylinder will have an unique serial number just like mobile phones. The unit of measure for carbon dioxide is “kgs” and for other gases it is “cubic meters”. Sale order will be generated based on the order from the customer. Multiple pricelists are there for different customers. Based on the order from customer the cylinder will be dispatched. Rajan Enterprises have their own vehicle to deliver.

The vehicle number, time of Out and Driver name will be added in the invoice. The cylinders that are staying for a long time in the client place will have some rent to be paid by the customer to Rajan Enterprises. After the consumption of gas, the cylinders will be returned. Currently Rajan Enterprises sends the empty cylinders back to the supplier for refilling.

Rajan Enterprises need the complete tracking of cylinders that are in customer’s hand and how may has returned. Also based on the returning date suggested by customer, the system should give reminders. Payment due alert is also needed.

Business Problems and Need

Following the initial onsite discussion, the following capability gaps were identified and reported by Rajan Enterprises.


There is a need to address exact tracking of the cylinders that has been standing emptied in client’s location and need to track the payment and the necessary rental hours that need to be billed by Rajan Enterprises. This need has to be addressed and should be accessed by all the employees of Rajan Enterprises at any point of team.

Business Intelligence 

Rajan Enterprises needs a reporting platform where all the recorded data can be filtered, grouped and also compared. The reporting option should also support in downloading as csv file. Overdue payments should be recalled to the station.

Business Need

Currently every process has been recorded manually. Which may lead in time loss and data loss. Rajan Enterprises, need a solution that these data can be recorded and can be accessed at any point of time. The Organization needs a Modern Enterprise Resource Planning system that will support the business functions that are in scope. The system should give full transparency and intelligent reports to pinpoint the issues.



Banibro plans to implement the Odoo ERP solution with all the requirements described.

Business Area Scope

All responsible employees of Rajan Enterprises will use the ERP system. Below are the business functions that are in scope and based on the points below the effort list will be calculated.


Odoo ERP software

Key Features

  • Mobility – access ERP data and tools anywhere, anytime via internet
  • Activity Scheduler
  • Documents Attachment
  • Export / Import data via document
  • Built in reporting option
  • Printing option in all form view


Terms that are not stated on the business area scope are beyond the scope.

Business Process Requirements


Purchase details will be updated in Tally. Option to import those details from tally to Odoo.


Every cylinder will have unique serial number.

Co2 unit of measure is Kgs.

Other gases have unit of measure in Cubic meters.

If the client has brought 15 cylinders and only 5 has been returned balance also should be tracked.


Returned cylinder will be given to the supplier for refilling.

Each and every product will be entered separately.

Multiple pricelists needed for different customers.

GST 18% is standard.


Outstanding payment need to be tracked.

In invoice vehicle number adding field needed.

Invoices need to be modified based on Rajan Enterprises format.

The letterhead is already printed in

the sheet just the contents need to be printed from system.

Sale order number should also come in the invoice.

Reminders and Alerts for the return cylinders and payments are needed.

Deposit amount will be added in the system, but the customer invoice should not have the deposit amount detail.


From the sales order the selected cylinders need to come under rental management.

Rent will also have pricelists based on the customer.


HR management system needed fully.