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Implementation of Odoo ERP software for Pressure vessel Manufacturing Industry

Excutive Summary

Pressure Vessel Hi-Tech Industries, has embarked on the process of acquiring the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in order to streamline the business support processes that will promote the organizational collaboration and undoubtedly increase efficiency, which is the ultimate strategic goal. Pressure vessel Hi-Tech Industries recommended the ERP implementation to close the identified capability gaps. Below are the expected benefits for implementation of the ERP.

  • Eliminate missing sales data
  • Eliminate improper invoicing
  • Enhance data integrity
  • Improve the data collection and access
  • Increase data security
  • Enforce regulation among multi companies
Odoo ERP software


Following the details provided, the following major requirements were identified and reported by Pressure vessel Hi-Tech Industries.


There is a need to address the transparency of the Purchase and some major production related processes through-out other departments. These channels are required to facilitate the ease of getting information on the fly for business decision making as well as for making it easy for information to be submitted and queries to be made to Pressure vessel Hi-Tech Industries.

Business Intelligence

Pressure vessel Hi-Tech Industries needs a reporting platform where all the recorded data can be filtered, grouped and also compared. The reporting option should also support in downloading as csv file. Overdue payments should be recalled to the responsible station at the first level. After that, it should give reminders to high level.

Business Need

The Organization needs a Modern Enterprise Resource Planning system that will support the business functions that are in scope. The system should give full transparency and intelligent reports to pin point the issues.



Banibro plans to implement the Odoo ERP solution with all the requirements described.

Business Area Scope

All responsible employees of Pressure vessel Hi-Tech Industries will use the ERP system. However, below are the business functions that are in scope and directly affected by the change.

Odoo ERP software

Key Features

  • Mobility – access ERP data and tools anywhere, anytime via internet
  • Activity Scheduler
  • Documents Attachment
  • Export / Import data via document
  • Built in reporting option
  • Printing option in all form view


Terms that are not stated on the business area scope are beyond the scope.

Business Requirements


Customer Details to be updated periodically with GSTIN

Enquiry details to be updated with due date.

Notification for due date alert.

Quotation template with HSN & SAC Code, GST No. etc.

Customer details to be updated from the master file.

Costing documents should be scanned and saved.

Should be able to search each and every quotation by customer name or Item Description or reference number.

Purchase Order commercial details to be recorded.

Job No. allocation.

There should be an alert for each and every action like ABG, PBG,

Advances, and Security Deposit etc.

PO details should be viewable to; Marketing dept, Engineering dept and Sales dept.

Purchase Order terms and conditions to be compared with

quotation terms and conditions.

Quotation comparison with Competitors like L1, L2, L3 etc.

Templates for Product details information, Festival Greetings and wishes for customer activities etc.

Inbuilt Calendar – Should be able to add reminder of events.

Conversion Ratio analysis (Chart) – Monthly.

Quantity wise and Value wise.

Reports should be generated automatically.

Bid Analysis (Comparison wise).

Finished Product photos for each and every job should be saved.

FAQ about Corrective action / Preventive actions should be recorded.

Design and Engineering

Quality Assurance Plan Template.

Columns for Inspection Agency should be able to add.

Design calculation template should be framed.

Viewable to Marketing Department.

Bill of Materials (BOM) should be recorded.

Addition or correction should be enabled.

If there is an addition or deletion, the original BOM should be strikeout and the corrected one should be highlighted.

While typing BOM, the existing stock should be highlighted.

BOM should be viewable to; Engineering dept, Purchase, Inventory, Quality, Production dept.

Jobwise schedule should be prepared.

Template for Technical details with AutoCAD or Pdf drawing.

Cutting plan should be saved as PDF format along with description and job number.

Stagewise photos for each and every job should be saved.

MAPP & Procedures should be saved.

FAQ about Corrective action / Preventive actions should be recorded.


After testing the materials inward which is updated by stores dept, the status of approval (approved or rejected), list of testing done by QC with report to be uploaded.

Approval for in process, Fit up & Final Inspection.

Template for WPS, PQR and WPQ.

Procedures for Testing like MPT, LPT, HLT etc. should be uploaded.

Rework details should be updated with Job No., Type of rework etc.

The reason for rework should be categorized default such as cutting plan, Material, Fittings, drawing etc.


Supplier Details to be updated periodically with GSTIN.

Details to be filtered category wise (Material, City, Allied equipment etc.).

Details should be validated three months once.

Template for Enquiry.

Items to be carried out from BOM and editable (Jobwise).

Planned rates should be highlighted in the corner for each item.

Check box for items is required to select the items for an enquiry.

Enquiry should be sent with the help of contact list and the contact list should be able to filter the desired suppliers (BCC mode).

Enquiry reminder – For particular suppliers with add or deleting option.

Pending details should be highlighted.

List of materials should be carried out from the enquiry.

Rates of supplier should be updated manually.

If the rate updated is greater than planned rate, it should be highlighted.

Columns and Rows should be able to modified.

Purchase Order template should contain Serial No, Item Description, Unit Rate, Qty, Total, GST etc.

Purchase Order should be linked to stores and QC.

Purchase pending qty to be highlighted.

Detailed schedule to be prepared by Purchase department with targeted date.

Work order template with Job No, Item Description, etc.

Materials and its qty rejected by Stores & QC should be returned to the enquiry stage for replacement or new purchase.

Debit Note Template.

Inventory Management

Each and every material should be updated in stock.

Balance materials after use should be transferred to the stock under the category of usable or scrap.

Scrap details should be updated and to be linked with Eng. / Production.

Template for Issue Slip with Job No.

Materials to be received as per Purchase Order which is linked with stores.

Material inward should be updated category wise such as whether it is free issue or not.

After receipt of materials, stores should update the details of materials received.

After inspection, QC should approve the materials after testing. And as already mentioned, list of testing should be mentioned by QC.

If the material is rejected, the status should be highlighted to purchase for rejection or replacement process. Reason for rejection should be updated.

After material inward update, the pending qty should be highlighted.

After approval of materials, it should be assigned for particular job. Hence, it cannot be taken for another job.

List of machineries including tools & tackles with status like condemned, under service, working etc (maintenance report).

Calibration due date should be blink out.

Template for Stores requisition slip.

After generating this slip, it should be automatically sent as an alert to purchase department.

Template to update the customer property (FIM).

Template for Cylinder list with category, purchase date and empty date.

Invoice and DC Templates.

HSN / SAC code should be automatically provided after entered the description.

Un invoiced DC should be able to identified easily.

DC with packing list.

DC list should be listed out with category like Returnable, Non- returnable, Delivery Challan etc.


Schedule for On-time delivery with planned rate for Labor works and outsourcing activities.

Each and every activity should be scheduled properly.

Actual Delivery date should be flash out.

Tools & Tackles, Consumables & Machineries requirement for

particular job to be updated.

Above requirements should be qty wise.

As already QAP has been generated by Engineering, production shall follow the procedures and activities as per QAP.

Without prior approval or witness from HHI QC, TPI or Customer, Production should not proceed for further process. Till the witness of existing process, the next process should be shown as hold.

HHI QC, TPI or Customer witness and approval date should be clearly mentioned.

QAP activities shall be linked with actual schedule.

Reports like in process, fit up and Final should be updated.

And the above should be approved

by QC department for further proceedings.


Employees data like Name, Designation, Category Qualification, Contact Address, Contact Number and IDs.

Reminder for Birthday or other events greetings. Attendance from Biometric should be updated in ERP and wages should be calculated automatically.

Some missing attendance and some manual corrections shall be engaged.

Templates for Bonus, Increment, Education gift, Marriage allowance, Incentives etc.

For each and every statutory and Customer approvals & Insurance, due date alert should be flash out.

Every resume should be updated with Name, Qualification, category, experience, location, Contact details etc.

Status of the resumes like rejected, recruited, hold etc. should be mentioned.

Reason for rejection should be mentioned.

Template for Employees Training with calendar.

Letter reference number allocation

for inward and outward mails and letters.