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Implementation of Odoo ERP software for Sanitaryware company

Executive Summary

Sanitaryware Company has embarked on the process of acquiring the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in order to streamline the business support processes that will promote the organizational collaboration and undoubtedly increase efficiency, which is the ultimate strategic goal. Sanitaryware Company recommended the ERP implementation to close the identified capability gaps. Below are the expected benefits for the implementation of the ERP.

  • Eliminate missing sales data
  • Eliminate improper invoicing
  • Enhance data integrity
  • Improve the data collection and access
  • Increase data security
  • Enforce regulation among multi branches
Odoo ERP software

Business Problems and Need

Following the initial discussion, the following capability gaps were identified and reported by Sanitaryware Company.


There is a need to address the transparency of the sales and stock transactions going in the warehouses associated with Sanitaryware Company. These channels are required to facilitate the ease of getting information on the fly for business decision making as well as for making it easy for information to be submitted and queries to be made to Sanitaryware Company.

Business Intelligence

Sanitaryware Company needs a reporting platform where all the recorded data can be filtered, grouped and also compared. The reporting option should also support in downloading as csv file. Overdue payments should be recalled to the responsible station. Based on Indian Tax Rules customer cash payment limit is needed to be tracked.

Business Need

The Organization needs a Modern Enterprise Resource Planning system that will support the business functions that are in scope. The system should give full transparency and intelligent reports to pinpoint the issues.



Banibro plans to implement the Odoo ERP solution with the below-mentioned modules.

Business Problems and Need

All responsible staffs and managers will use the ERP system. However, below are the business functions that are in scope and directly affected by the change.

Odoo ERP software
Odoo ERP software

Modules Inventory

Key Features

  • Mobility – access ERP data and tools anywhere, anytime via internet
  • Activity Scheduler
  • Documents Attachment
  • Export / Import data via document
  • Built in reporting option
  • Printing option in all form view


Terms that are not stated on the business area scope are beyond the scope.

Business Requirements

Sales Management

Should be easier for salesperson to operate, so that they don’t need separate catalogues to be reached in times of sales.

Pro-forma invoice generation option.

Advance will be brought before invoicing based on the pro-forma issued.

Balance amount will be paid by the customers on the time of delivery.Pending recording should be there.

After the payment received Cashier will generate delivery challan.

Cashier will be totally in control of the payment received and went out.

For a year, based on Indian tax rule customer should not pay amount in cash more than 1.95 lakhs in whole or even in different bills.

Alert should be there when the limit has been exceeding.

The    delivery    date    alert    and   the

payment tracking should be there.

Sales to dispatch tracking for the product transfer status.

Sales person need to know current dispatch status.

Minimum sale price changing limit should be there.

Salesperson will have the option to give discount up to 5%. The limit should be there.

Comparison quotation Boolean field should be there.

If the Boolean has been checked the name “Comparison quotation” should travel throughout the quotation.

Dashboard & Notification for sales,payment and its status.

Inventory Management

Once cashier generated challan.

Stock should be updated with the inbound material entry entered by the store manager in the system.

Warehouse should receive the out order.

The product details with the quantity an all should be visible for the respected store to deliver.

If the ordered quantity is more than the physical stock. The indication should be there in respective to the same order

until the quantity has been fully delivered.

On the time of dispatch if the customer needs to change the product or quantity.

The change should be reflected in all the places.

Multiple Warehouse Management.

Internal Alert for low stock.

Currently managing 2 out warehouses and 1 intercompany warehouse.

Brand wise product group by for viewing.

Internal reference label name to be changed as model number.

Product purchase price to be fixed, when exceeded should be shown alert.

The difference amount in the purchase price and the actual purchase order should be created as a debit note for the difference amount.

Rack wise location noting field in all the product details.

Invoiced time, Dispatch time, Delivery time tracking.

Ordered and product issued quantity tracking.

Delivery and Dispatch – Verified by,

Who picked up, Vehicle details adding fields should be present.

If stock is low in main warehouse the reorder      stock    rule      should request

transfer from warehouse B.


Quotation generated from erp should be updated in Tally.

Full stock and accounts adjustment between the two interfaces.

The changes noted from store on the time of dispatch should also affect the recorded invoice entry and update the newest change done.

Customer wise payment history report should be there.

After payment confirmation only. Stock will be hand overed.

Supplier bill payment term wise alert. (Monthly/Weekly).

After full payment print option for invoice with company letterhead.


In the CRM star rating should be there to note the high priority customers for further tracking.

History for quotation, conversion rate tracking and reports.

Mobile Interface

Store managers have to enter the quantity and the product that has been inbound in their respective warehouses.

The facility to mention the location the product has been placed also should be there.

Based on the entry provided it should tally with the received quantity from the stock received.

Sales person should also have barcode scanning option to view the details and price of a product on the time of sales.

Based on the entry provided it should tally with the received quantity from the stock received.