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Implementation of Odoo ERP software for Tractor showroom


This document contains the requirements that are captured in our requirement gathering meeting. The points mentioned will be verified and confirmed by you, so that we can start working on the details only mentioned in this document. Additional points can be added in the project at any point of time but it will be added as a new requirement. Current efforts will be calculated only based on the below mentioning points.


To ensure the points mentioned are all the only ones that need to be done in the already available default apps.


To cover all the requirements and ensure the client has been solution with all of his pain points.

Business Requirements


Our system needs to be integrated fully with Tally-9. All the stock and accounting related parts will be handled in the Tally. Only the service, follow ups and sales will be handled in our system. Reading stock needs to be recorded and should be synced in Tally. Also Invoice records will be synced.

Odoo ERP software

Functional Requirements

Stock details and the numbers will be received from the tally and the inventory stock gets updated based on that. The service module will be used to track end to end details regarding the service from following the clients for the service to the payment of the service. All this will be then recorded in the invoicing and the data will be transmitted to tally again.

Required Modules

  4. SALES

Requirements matrix for INVENTORY module

  1. Product location rack wise, shelf wise noting facility.
  2. Fast moving products and slow- moving products report.
  3. Minimum stock alert through notification and mail.
  4. Removing Duplicate stocks and checking of negative stocks.
  5. Reordering report print option.
  6. Reordering report should not come for each and every product separately.
  7. The downloading report should come in excel and in the template for uploading in CMDS.
  8. Option to read the stock from incoming mail.
  9. Part number image catalogue.

Process flow diagram for INVENTORY module

Odoo ERP software

Expected Deliverables

Tally integration for stock reading, duplicate stock and negative stock issue fixing and on the go minimum stock alert notification.

Requirements matrix for SERVICE MANAGEMENT module

  1. Leads bulk import option.
  2. After sales automatic lead generation for service follow-up.
  3. Once Vehicle/Customer added in service remove lead from follow- up.
  4. Constant reminder up to three levels if missed out any follow-up.
  5. Reminder mails for follow-up user and next level to admin.
  6. Once service complete add the lead for the next service timetable.
  7. Option for VOIP.
  8. Possibility for having normal mobile number for VOIP.
  9. Sales follow-up and service follow-up separate view.
  10. Insurance expiry also separate reminder/follow-up.
  11. Promotional messaging through normal message or WhatsApp regarding discounts and service reminders.
  12. Template for message with Tamil language support.
  13. Job card having all the details from the manual card provided.
  14. Option to add customer new number.
  15. View part number through the image catalogue.
  16. Model specific catalog should come.
  17. Third party service details adding with price details (lathe, tire works).
  18. From the catalogue check for the possibility to have Boolean field for parts adding in job card.
  19. Parts location should be visible.
  20. Third party service charge should not be added in accounts. It should be added only in customer copy bill.

Expected Deliverables

Untapped service follows up, Parts handling, cost management and full-service tracking.

Process flow diagram for SERVICE MANAGEMENT module

Odoo ERP software

Requirements matrix for INVOICING module

  1. Tally Integration
  2. Payment Approvals to admin
  3. Invoice edit option if available should only disable by admin
  4. Other account related reports
  5. Invoice update in tally after sales or service

Process Flow Diagram for INVOICING module

Odoo ERP software

Expected Deliverables

Integration of Invoicing with Tally.

  1. Requirements matrix for SALES module
  2. Sales team option.
  3. Salesman cost center should be there.
  4. Salesman wise sales details tracking.
  5. Without vehicle history from tally a sale should not happen.
  6. Admin can move forward without vehicle history. Other than that no user should have that option.

Process Flow Diagram for SALES module

Odoo ERP software