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Manufacturing process starts from raw materials which are processed into various bill of materials and then manufactured as a finished product. A single product can consist of various Bill of Materials that requires efficient handling. Powerful management of your manufacturing process can be handled using this platform.  Maufacturing helps to handle complex Production flows, BOM, Planning your MO, Tracing of Work orders and so on. With this platform you can create MO easily and manage them in different production stages.

Important Modules Covered in  Maunfacturing and their Key Features:





How Manufacturing helps to improve your business?

Easy organizing according to the time frame of the customer

Easy bifurcation of the entire process into projects, tasks etc.

HR process can be highly automated in all the aspects like Job offering, task allocation, attendance, payroll etc.

Cash bleeding and any other resource bleeding can be completely minimized

Entire transaction is trackable and can be done after desired level of approvals

Manufacturing Process can be customized according to the wish of the customer using this platform

Why Manufacturing?

Cost Effective – Serverless Model, very affordable implementation cost

User friendly interface

Operates in a timely fashion

Optimize all the available resources

Ease and customize the complex manufacturing process

Entire process can be tracked without any flaw