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Tally Integration with Odoo ERP

Tally ERP is being used by many industries to meet their financial needs. To make an ERP work better, we should understand the integration capabilities of the ERP with different other systems. We will discuss briefly about integration with Tally in this blog.

Tally support integration by providing two different interfaces.

Tally ODBC Interface:

Using ODBC interface, we can implement various integration patterns.

  1. Tally acting as a client
  2. Tally acting as a Server

Tally can talk to any external database using ODBC drivers and connect to any database irrespective of the respective database’s DBMS.

Tally as a Client:

  1. Tally ODBC Interface.
  2. Tally XML Interface.

Tally as a Client:

Tally Integration
Tally Integration
Tally Integration

Tally collection can communicate to ODBC drivers and the ODBC drivers in turn will connect to the external database and retrieve the required information. Collection can access the ODBC driver using Data Source Name, ODBC driver ID or path of the source.

Once the required information is gathered from the external database, each row will be treated as an object in Tally Collection and each column in those rows will be the method of that corresponding object. These objects can be utilized in Tally and the required data can be updated accordingly.

Tally as a Server:

Any client application can access Tally ERP via ODBC interface in 2 forms.

  1. Tables
  2. Calling Procedures

In both forms, Collection data will be accessed and returned depending upon the request. In order to use Tally as server, the required collection should be either exposed to ODBC via IsODBCTable or the methods in the collection should be exposed to ODBC.

Tally XML Interface:

Any application/programming language that has the capability to parse XML message can integrate with Tally using its XML interface.

Tally as Client:

Tally collection has the capability to parse and gather information from the XML response sent by any third-party application or web service.

Tally as Server:

Tally can act as a server and send response for any application that send request in Tally understandable format.

  1. Request should be sent in the “Request Format” so that Tally can read the certain fields in the request and initiate the action.
  2. Response will be sent back in either “Response Format “or “Failure Format” depending upon the status of the action initiated for that corresponding request.

All the formats and the developer guide can be accessed from the “Official Tally Documentation