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10 Surprising Features You'll Discover in the Odoo ERP Demo

From the previous Odoo 10 demo to the most recent Odoo 16 demo, Odoo is renowned for its extensive suite of applications, and with every version released, there are always new features to discover. The platform is feature-rich if you’ve used the Odoo trial or watched an Odoo demo video. That being said, the suite includes some lesser-known tools that can revolutionize business operations.

Dynamic Reporting Dashboard : 
Real-time data display is made possible through integration with the Odoo demo database through the dynamic dashboard, which is a notable feature of the Odoo community demo.
Odoo Social : 
Although the Odoo CRM and Odoo e-commerce demos may have caught your attention, are you aware of Odoo’s integration with social media? Take control of posts, monitor interactions, and do much more without ever leaving the app
Field Service Geolocation :
Field Service Geolocation is a feature that enables businesses that provide field services to geo-schedule appointments and routes more efficiently.
In-App Purchase Recommendations : 
If you have looked through the Odoo inventory demo, this tool is especially helpful as it provides automated suggestions for product replenishment.
Odoo’s E-Learning platform :
This is exemplified by its free demo. You can make and even sell courses using the Odoo enterprise or community edition demos, depending on which one you have access to.
Integrations of Smart Buttons :
The Odoo live demo features smart buttons that simplify operations by connecting sales and other modules with the Odoo CRM demo features.
Fleet management :

This includes tracking business vehicles, managing fuel consumption, and more.

Bio-metric Integration for Attendance : 
The Odoo master demo showcases the bio-metric integration feature for attendance, which guarantees precise tracking of attendance.
Live Chat Integrated :
The Odoo e-commerce and POS demos both highlight the effectiveness of using the live chat feature to interact with customers in real-time.
Odoo Referral :
The platform pays out incentives for referring users in addition to the standard Odoo free trial and even the Odoo gratis version.
Conclusion :
The platform promises a deep dive into business optimization, whether you’re looking at the Odoo payroll demo, Odoo accounting demo, Odoo hotel management demo, Odoo manufacturing demo, or you just want to know how to Odoo remove demo data. Every kind and size of business can find something to suit their needs, ranging from the Odoo open source demo to the Odoo demo designed for enterprises.There are Odoo demo account and Odoo demo free options available for those who want to explore further. Enter, explore, and become aware of Odoo’s power with Banibro IT Solutions.