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Sales are what drive any business to success. Managing your sales is vital for bringing in revenue and building your business. The sales module available on the Odoo ERP platform helps you manage your sales orders and create quotations in the simplest of ways. Our team at Banibro will make sure your business needs are taken into consideration when developing a sales module customized to your needs. With the ERP software sales module at your service, you can easily manage your leads, track opportunities, and close deals in a very efficient and productive manner. 


Our Proficiency in Odoo Sales

Effective sales management is essential in the competitive e-commerce environment of today. Our selection of Odoo sales services is made to help you maximize your sales processes:

Odoo Sales Management : Ensure accuracy and efficiency in your sales process by streamlining it with our advanced Odoo sales order management solutions.

Customized Sales Platforms : By utilizing the adaptable Odoo sales module, you can customize your sales platform to meet the specific needs of your company and increase the visibility of your brand in the marketplace.

Smooth Integration with CRM and Inventory : Streamline CRM functionalities with sales in Odoo.We can provide a unified and efficient business process by integrating our Odoo sales solutions with CRM and inventory systems and impeccable multi-channel alignment in a seamless manner. /p>

Mobile-suited Sales Solutions : To enable business transactions and client involvement on any device, make sure your Odoo sales platform is completely suited for mobile devices.

Advanced Sales tools : To put your company at the forefront of the sector, use state-of-the-art tools like dynamic pricing schemes, automatic quotation templates, and thorough sales analytics.

Up-to-date Odoo Version Support for Sales Administration

Keeping abreast of the most recent technical developments is essential for salespeople. Banibro offers solutions that leverage the most recent iterations of Odoo, guaranteeing that your sales tactics remain innovative. Among our offerings are:

Development of Sales Management in Odoo 16

Development of Sales Management in Odoo 15

Development of Sales Management in Odoo 14

Development of Sales Management in Odoo 12

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With Banibro’s customized Odoo sales services, take a step into the future of sales management. Our tailored Odoo solutions are made to propel your company to previously unheard-of levels of success, whether that means optimizing sales processes, boosting customer engagement, or utilizing data-driven tactics. Get in touch with us right now to learn how the cutting-edge capabilities of Odoo can transform your sales management.