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Odoo CRM

In an era where businesses are experimenting with new marketing strategies and promotions to attract a growing number of clients, customer relationship management is an essential component of any enterprise. The companies’ customer relationship management tools in Odoo ERP software will do precisely that, assisting your executives in generating business opportunities and sourcing leads from different business areas with greater attention. Furthermore, a lot of businesses now rely heavily on these CRM tools, as the majority of their business opportunities come from them. A specialized management module called Odoo CRM module allows you to easily manage your business’s customer relations activities. Banibro, one of the leading Odoo companies in Chennai provides this experience along with Odoo CRM customization, as we know that one size doesn’t fit all.

Our Odoo CRM Expertise

Improve Your Sales Force’s Efficiency

The Odoo CRM open-source software, which can be used on a fixed or mobile(Odoo CRM mobile app) workstation, offers a contemporary, intuitive, and user-friendly interface to enhance and facilitate the work of your sales force. Our team provides immaculate Odoo CRM training so that you can make seamlessly the change to this software

Your sales teams have a lot of contacts to keep track of, as well as activities to plan and execute. To monitor the work of his team, the marketing director requires certain tools. Of course, the sales department needs software that is user-friendly, sophisticated, and intuitive to accomplish all of this. No worries, you can accomplish this and much more with a piece of software. With Odoo CRM helpdesk, all your apprehensions about support services are put at ease.

Generate more Leads

Take pleasure in your clients

This Open Source ERP contains all customer data, including a full history of all customer-related activities and actions. All of the customer data will be available to the sales teams. The user interface displays the customer’s contact information, preferences, and entire history.

When a customer calls, for example, or before an appointment, sales teams can quickly locate their information thanks to this. Accurately understanding your customers is essential to building strong relationships with them and getting them to do more business with the company.


Tracking the evolution of sales is simple with the help of comprehensive dashboards. All business data is centralized and fully integrated into this open-source ERP. Thus, it is simple to obtain all the information about leads (new, converted), activities (number of appointments made per salesperson, number of calls made per salesperson, amount of business won per salesperson, etc.), and business (in progress, won, lost). Odoo CRM development will meet all your needs and is incredibly simple to use. With all the information at their disposal, the sales manager can make the best choices to boost the company’s turnover.

Features of Odoo CRM

Lead management

Odoo CRM workflow has a plethora of features to help you generate, monitor, and handle leads so you can close more deals. Sales teams can use Odoo to create lead nurturing campaigns, score leads to track their interest over time, and communicate with leads through the integrated chat feature with various features like Odoo email integration and Odoo CRM API.

Opportunities management

With a complete Odoo CRM integration, sales teams can manage opportunities by organizing calls, activities, and pipelines. Everything is scalable and configurable to efficiently track and assist the sales force’s efforts. Your success rate will rise as a result of the excellent user experience.

Customers management

The organization of the software is centered on its users. Sales teams have easy access to the whole customer history and information with Odoo sales CRM. Project management is one of the other Odoo CRM features you can use to improve the caliber of your offerings.

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