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odoo open source

odoo open source

Banibro, one of the leading Odoo companies in Chennai, specializes in integrating and modifying Odoo ERP software to improve business operations and promote expansion. Through a vast array of integrated applications, Odoo Open Source ERP is a robust and seamless system that guarantees effectiveness and creativity in business management.

Accept the Odoo Power Libre Source

Open ERP Odoo, popularly known as Odoo, is an all-inclusive and adaptable enterprise resource planning solution that supports a wide range of business requirements, including accounting, inventory control, and customer relationship management (CRM). Because it is open-source, you can allocate resources where they are most needed, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Version Community of Odoo : Discover Odoo’s extensive features without the high cost. Many applications to improve your business processes are available in the Community Edition.

Accessible Odoo CRM : With Odoo’s open-source CRM solution, which is made to simplify your sales and marketing activities, you can manage your customer relationships more successfully.

Odoo Open Source Apps : A wide range of apps in Odoo’s open-source ecosystem can help you expand the capabilities of your ERP system.

Our Offerings

Odoo Open ERP Services : Our team of professionals is skilled at providing excellent Odoo services, guaranteeing an implementation that fits your business goals.

Customization and Development : Our developers are skilled at customizing Odoo modules to satisfy your particular requirements, and we acknowledge the distinctiveness of your company.

Education and Assistance : Give your team access to in-depth training and 24-hour support to help you get the most out of your open-source Odoo ERP system. Transfer Services: Use our dependable migration services to make the switch from your current ERP system to Odoo safely and smoothly.

Interaction with Systems from Third Parties : Easily interface with current tools, such as payment gateways, e-commerce platforms, and other software.

Updating and Maintenance : With our maintenance and upgrade services, you can keep your system operating at optimal efficiency and stay current with the newest features.

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Utilize the extensive suite of Odoo open source apps and the Odoo Community Edition to revolutionize your company’s operations. Make an appointment for a consultation with Banibro right now to begin your journey towards operational excellence.