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Odoo 17

The all-powerful open-source ERP software Odoo is all set to introduce its newest version, Odoo 17, which is believed to have several enhancements and additional features that can immensely escalate your business possibilities. Here at Banibro, we are equipped with all the needed resources to assist you with this latest addition. Our team of experienced professionals will study your needs and subsequently make customizations to fully harness the potential of the Odoo 17 update.

Our Proficiency with Odoo 17

Having witnessed the progression of Odoo throughout multiple iterations, our team possesses a profound understanding of the features and potential of Odoo 17. This is what we provide:

Implementation : We are aware that each company is different. Our team of professionals evaluates your requirements and makes sure that the way Odoo 17 is deployed supports your business goals.

Customization : Although Odoo 17 has a lot going for it, your company may need certain features or functionalities. The solution can be tailored by our developers to precisely match your operational environment.

Migration : We provide seamless migration services to Odoo 17, guaranteeing data integrity and minimizing downtime, whether you’re switching from an older version or an entirely different system.

Training : Your staff must comprehend the nuances of Odoo 17 in order to fully utilize its possibilities. We offer thorough training sessions customized for various user roles in your company.

Support : We make sure you’re never left in the dark with our post-implementation help. We’re only a phone call away for anything from small questions to serious system issues.

Benefits of Adopting Odoo 17 with Us

An Integrated Method : Bid farewell to isolated systems and welcome to a unified ecosystem in which all information and workflows are interdependent.

Scalability : Odoo 17 expands with your company thanks to its flexible design. It expands together with you, adding new features and procedures as you do.

Economy of Scale : In the long term, centralizing your operations with Odoo 17 not only results in significant cost savings but also in process streamlining.

Instantaneous insights : Make deft judgments based on up-to-date information with the help of live dashboards and extensive reporting capabilities.

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