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Odoo Customization

Greetings from Banibro, your go-to partner for providing an extensive array of Odoo modification services tailored to your company’s particular needs. Among the leading Odoo companies in Chennai, we leverage the complete potential of Odoo ERP software to offer reliable solutions across multiple sectors, including inventory, accounting, CRM, and e-commerce. By utilizing our proficiency in customizing Odoo ERP, we guarantee that your platform is exactly adapted to match your business operations and workflow, enabling unprecedented levels of performance and efficiency.

OUR Odoo Customization Process

Step 1

Define Your Requirements

Clearly outline your business needs. Identify the features and workflows that require modification or enhancement.

Step 2

Access Our Development Environment

Explore our tailored Odoo solutions. We provide development services for Odoo ERP, offering both community and enterprise editions based on your requirements.

Step 3

Create Your Custom Module

Harness the power of modular customization with our Odoo custom module development services. Our team uses Odoo’s Developer Mode to create bespoke modules tailored to your business processes.

Step 4

Write Precise Custom Code

Implement the necessary changes with our skilled Python developers. Our expertise extends to best Odoo customization, ensuring your system meets your unique business needs.

Step 5

Craft Odoo Views and Templates

Refine the look and functionality of your Odoo screens using XML views. Our experts can modify existing views or create new ones, including services for Odoo dashboard modification.

Step 6

Integrate Intelligent Business Logic

Our developers excel in implementing additional business logic for your business. Benefit from our Odoo customization service expertise to streamline workflows and enhance functionality.

Step 7

Thorough Testing Process

Rely on our rigorous testing procedures to ensure a seamless Odoo experience. We provide comprehensive testing for all versions of Odoo, guaranteeing your system meets the highest standards.

Step 8

Seamless Deployment

Trust us to deploy your custom module flawlessly. As your dedicated Odoo customization company, we prioritize data backup and offer a reliable rollback plan for peace of mind.

Our Contribution to Odoo Apps

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Odoo customization involves tailoring the Odoo ERP system to meet specific business requirements. Businesses often opt for customization to adapt Odoo's features, workflows, and interfaces to their unique processes, enhancing efficiency and functionality.

To initiate Odoo customization, you can start by reaching out to us. We'll schedule a meeting to understand your specific needs, conduct a gap analysis, and provide a feasibility study. Following your approval, we proceed with development, testing, and finally, deliver the customized modules.

The duration of Odoo customization depends on the complexity and 

  • scope of the requested modifications. After the initial meeting and gap analysis, we provide an estimation of the time required. Timelines are influenced by factors such as the size of the project and the extent of customization needed.

Yes, Odoo is designed to be customizable without compromising its core functionalities. Through careful analysis, development, and testing, our customization services aim to seamlessly integrate additional features or modify existing ones without disrupting the stability of the platform.

Our Odoo customization services cover a wide range of areas, including custom module development, Odoo POS receipt customization, dashboard customization, report customization, and more. We tailor our services to address the unique requirements of your business.

Yes, testing is a crucial phase in the Odoo customization process. We conduct multiple integrated and unit tests to ensure the reliability and compatibility of the customized modules. Thorough testing helps identify and resolve any issues before the final delivery, ensuring a smooth integration into your Odoo system.