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Exploring the Upcoming Innovations: A Sneak Peek into Odoo 17's Latest Features and Enhancements

Success in the ever-evolving worlds of technology and business depends on staying ahead of the curve. Odoo has revolutionized the business landscape for companies that depend on all-inclusive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. Odoo keeps pushing the envelope of innovation with each new version release, and Odoo 17 seems to be no different. Let’s get a preview of some of the newest additions and features that will completely change the ERP market.

1. Updated User Interface

Odoo 17 has revamped its user experience with a modern and intuitive design. The user interface is organized with clear navigation elements, ensuring a visually appealing workspace. The optional dark theme provides a relaxed viewing experience. The streamlined workflow includes a consolidated search panel, advanced search options, dynamic search facets, and drag-and-drop capabilities. The interface also offers faster loading times, keyboard shortcuts, and a mobile-optimized interface. This user-centric approach empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of their Odoo platform and achieve greater success.

2. Modified Search View

Odoo 17 has introduced a modified search view, enhancing user interaction with data. The search bar now offers enhanced search options, allowing users to filter and refine their searches based on criteria like dates, fields, and relationships. The search view also features flexible search facets, dynamic search suggestions, and improved usability across devices. The modified search view offers increased data accessibility, retrieval efficiency, improved user experience, enhanced data analysis capabilities, productivity, and user engagement.

3. Flexible Wizards

Odoo 17 introduces flexible wizards, a revolutionary change from traditional wizards. These dynamic pop-up windows allow users to personalize their workspace, enhance customization, and improve collaboration. Odoo 17’s flexible wizards offer enhanced user experience, improved data accuracy, and increased productivity. With advanced features like automatic saving and navigation buttons, users can take control of their data and streamline their workflow.

4. Sticky Headers

Are you sick of having to constantly scroll to see the column headers? Sticky headers are a new feature in Odoo 17 for both list and kanban views. When navigating through huge datasets, these headers stay constant at the top of the screen regardless of how far you scroll down, giving you convenient access to context and column labels.

5. Fresh Task Module

Odoo 17’s To-do module is a nice replacement for the outdated Notes app. You can keep track of all of your tasks and reminders in one place with this effective tool, so you never miss a beat. With ease, create, arrange, and monitor your assignments to make sure nothing gets missed.

6. Hands up during meetings

The Raise Hand function for meetings is new in Odoo 17, enabling attendees to voice their opinions or pose questions without stopping the conversation. Meetings will be more successful and interesting as a result of this feature, which encourages inclusive participation and makes sure everyone gets an opportunity to contribute.

7. Position of the New Action Menu

It can be annoying to find the appropriate action for a certain record. To tackle this, Odoo 17 repositions the action menu to make pertinent activities easier to find. Your workflow will be streamlined and your efficiency will increase thanks to its user-friendly design, which also minimizes clutter and offers rapid access to frequently used features.

8. Using keyboard shortcuts to quickly choose records

Are you sick and weary of clicking and picking each album individually? Keyboard shortcuts are now available in Odoo 17 for speedy choosing. To choose the following records, just select the first record and utilize the Shift + Down Arrow keys. Similarly, to deselect records, press Shift + Up Arrow. Your productivity will increase dramatically with this tool, enabling you to work more quickly and intelligently.


Odoo 17 is a major advancement in business management software. Thanks to its amazing design, user-friendly interface, and strong functionality, businesses can work more effectively, satisfy customers, and accomplish their objectives. Businesses can look forward to a more intelligent, efficient, and intuitive ERP experience that will enable them to prosper in the digital age as they get ready for the Odoo 17 upgrade with Banibro IT Solutions, one of the leading companies in Chennai which render Odoo 17 services. There has never been a more promising path for business resource planning going forward.