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ERP for Industrial Switch Gears and Load Balancers Manufacturing


The client is atrailblazer in the creation of SF6-free technology that reduces greenhouse gas usage in the energy industry. They transform this technology into goods that we can produce and market. In addition to developing new products and creating tools and assembly instructions for SF6-free switchgear, the customer also prototypes and develops new products. They offer office spaces for engineering and business development teams in addition to storage and testing facilities.

They get components for their Chennai, India, manufacturing facility from several Indian vendors. To guarantee adherence to our quality standards, these components go through extensive quality checks. Additionally, this facility manages the pre- and sub-assembly of particular components, which speeds up production at their main facility in Germany.


The organization encountered several challenges within its Odoo ERP implementation. Customization of the Odoo system was essential to tailor it to the unique workflows of the company, requiring a deep understanding of Odoo’s architecture and potential compatibility issues with future updates. Additionally, the need for template creation, Bill of Materials (BOM) configuration customization, and the automation of invoice posting posed intricate challenges in ensuring consistency, adapting manufacturing processes, and streamlining financial workflows.


Since the customer had no prior experience in ERP, our team educated them on ERP while simultaneously learning about their needs from Odoo ERP. With this knowledge, we incorporated 7 modules that would be adequate for the smooth running of the company’s business.


Industrial switch gears and load balancers manufacturing

Customer’s Testimonial

Banibro recognized our particular needs and obstacles right away. Their team was incredibly talented, accommodating, and patient. They truly were an incredible team. They seemed to be an extension of our team because they took the time to truly understand the problems of our businessand gave maximum support with the ERP implementation.

Following the Odoo implementation, the industry witnessed substantial advantages. The seamless integration of Odoo ERP resulted in improved operational efficiency, customized reporting features, and enhanced effectiveness in managing inventory for the client’s industry. The Email notifications played a crucial role in ensuring timely actions.
Modules Implemented

Purchase: To have a hard copy of each of the numerous purchase reports and to simply analyze the purchasing process.

Sales: To handle sales processes, customer orders, and quotations.

Inventory: The inventory module controls prices, products, and vendor price lists. It also facilitates purchase orders, employee quotes, tracking, and configuration options like bill control and minimum quantity setting.

Manufacturing: To manage and direct the production process.

Accounting: For payment and cash flow documentation.

Requisition: Streamlining procurement workflows, the requisition module in Odoo ERP manages the process of requesting and approving goods or services.

Quality: The Quality module in Odoo ERP is responsible for overseeing quality control procedures. It enables companies to establish and implement quality standards, carry out quality checks, and guarantee that the caliber of their goods and services fulfills predetermined standards.


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