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Transforming Chemical Manufacturing Excellence: A Case Study on Banibro's Implementation of Odoo ERP for Our Esteemed Client


Our Client is a leading chemical processing manufacturer with a distinct expertise in the conversion of hydrochloride powder into liquid solutions, tailored specifically for the poultry and water farm industries. Committed to delivering innovative and high-quality solutions, our client operates from its base in Virginia, USA, while also extending its reach to international markets, notably including export activities to countries like China.


Introducing an ERP system for a first-time user in a leading chemical manufacturing company poses challenges in integration, global adaptability, and regulatory compliance. The client’s unique expertise in hydrochloride powder solutions necessitates a tailored approach for supply chain optimization, quality control, and data security. Minimizing downtime during implementation is crucial, alongside a focused employee training program.


We were able to pinpoint areas where an Odoo ERP solution could enhance efficiency and streamline operations by incorporating 5 modules necessary for the company’s needs. This was done after extensive research and regular collaboration and communication with the customer.

Significant benefits resulted from the implementation of Odoo, such as enhanced daily procurement tracking, streamlined manufacturing procedures, easier Unit of Measure (UOM) conversion for stock, and customized invoice generation. Odoo also made it easier to track employee attendance and leaves, which improved payroll processing efficiency.

The client successfully transitioned from manual management to Odoo ERP, resulting in improvements to manufacturing, HR, stock management, and procurement tracking


Chemical Processing

Customer’s Testimonial

Previously, we were trying to manage everything from inventory to invoicing while drowning in chaos. It feels like we’ve upgraded from a tricycle to a turbocharged rocket with Odoo. Our productivity has increased dramatically, our team is more cohesive, and communication runs more smoothly.
Thanks a million, Banibro, for making ERP feel like a walk in the park

Modules Implemented

Purchase: To oversee purchase orders, vendor relations, and procurement procedures.

Sales: To manage customer relations, sales orders, and sales procedures.

Inventory: To oversee inventory movements, warehouse operations, and stock levels.

Manufacturing: To manage work centers and production orders, among other manufacturing processes.

Invoicing: To create and maintain bills, monitor payments, and take care of billing procedures.


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