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Odoo ERP Solution for Emirates Plastic Manufacturing

Optimizing Operations: A Case Study on Emirates Plastic Industry's Transformation through Banibro's Odoo ERP Implementation


Emirate Plastics Industry Factory is committed to producing and offering
premium plastic containers of all kinds. They provide a large selection of plastic containers that can be used to package paints, oils, chemicals, processed foods, cosmetics, and five-gallon PC bottles with caps. The sizes of blow-molded products range from 500-milliliter containers to 220-liter drums, which are sold to clients in a variety of domestic and foreign industries.


The client previously handled all business processes manually and had limited experience with ERP. It used a basic ERP for its process which couldn’t handle all the needs of the company by automating processes. The customer used manual processes which hindered operational tracking in several ways, impacting efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance.


Our team of experts carefully looked over the client’s current practices, considering the specific problems they
were facing. This study allowed us to identify areas where the integration of over nine modules into an Odoo ERP system could improve productivity and simplify operations.


Plastic Manufacturing

Customer’s Testimonial

Banibro IT Solutions proved to be the perfect partner on this transformative journey. Their team exhibited unparalleled dedication and technical prowess, guiding us through every step of the Odoo ERP implementation process. From the initial assessment to the final rollout, their commitment to understanding our unique business requirements was evident.

Emirates Plastics Industry is now better positioned to adapt to the dynamic demands of our industry, thanks to the strategic implementation of Odoo ERP

The user interface was improved and tailored to the business’s procedures. The finished product was a customized feature that allowed users to create over 30 reports with different data and information outputs from each module, all of which catered to different functional areas within the business. These reports are crucial for analysis, decision-making, and performance monitoring in a variety of business domains. Emirates Plastic Industry successfully addressed operational inefficiencies, transitioning to Odoo ERP for improved precision, accessibility, and financial control.
Modules Implemented

Purchase: To easily analyse the purchase process and have a hard copy of the various purchase reports.

Sales: made the sales process of clients easier with less time consumption and more effective results by increasing the boundary of sales.

Inventory: The inventory module manages vendor price lists, products, and prices, enabling employee quotations, purchase orders, tracking, and configuration options like minimum quantity setting and bill control.

Manufacturing: To oversee and control the manufacturing process.

Accounting: For records of payment and money flow.

HRMS: To manage and monitor all activities related to employees, from recruiting to resignation.

Fleet: Containing details of all vehicles related to the company.

Custom Dashboard: To easily access all the modules with a single click.

Tally Integration: To improve data accuracy, expedite financial procedures, and give a more complete picture of the company’s activities.


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