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Harmony in Healthcare: A Symphony of Success with Banibro's Odoo ERP Implementation at Orbito Asia Diagnostics

Harmony in Healthcare: A Symphony of Success with Baniro's Odoo ERP Implementation at Orbito Asia Diagnostics


Orbito Asia Labs and Scans is an all-inclusive medical facility for imaging and diagnostic services. They work hard to give their clients the best possible diagnostic services with precise results, the best imaging, and thorough health check-ups delivered with the utmost care, civility, and compassion.

Orbito Asia offers diagnostic services that enhance patient well-being and guarantee customer security.


The customer faced several obstacles related to medical laboratory management. The company’s existing lab management system was slower, which increased its operational time. It also was impossible for the customer to customize its system when and where required. The company also faced stock management issues, which even led to overstocking of items.

There was a clear issue of the non-existence of a communication channel between the departments and the machines since it was not integrated. The company also faced difficulty in tracking the expiry date of the items purchased, and this is crucial in the medical industry.


The implementation of Odoo successfully addressed and resolved the issues faced by the company, offering numerous advantages.

We incorporated over 10 modules to help with the operations of the company recognizing the grave areas where implementation of Odoo could streamline its process and increase efficiency while reducing errors and confusion by automating processes.

Orbito Asia Diagnostics enhanced its operational efficiency by adopting Odoo ERP, addressing customization needs, streamlining stock management, and integrating various departments and machines for a comprehensive solution.


Medical Laboratory

Customer’s Testimonial

What a game-changer, wow! At Orbito Asia Diagnostics, we were able to smoothly integrate Odoo ERP into our company with the help of Banibro IT Solutions. The changeover went more smoothly than we had anticipated. The knowledge and assistance of Banibro were essential to the success of this integration. Bravo to the team for their commitment and for greatly simplifying our work life! I heartily suggest Odoo and Banibro to anyone who wants to step up their business game!

Modules Implemented

CRM: To oversee and monitor consumer communications and leads

Email Marketing: To automate marketing and carry out email campaigns,

Purchase: To manage supplier relationships and procurement procedures

Sales: To manage customer orders, create quotations, and supervise the sales process

Inventory: To monitor inventory, oversee warehouses, and regulate stock levels

Requisition: To oversee and handle requests for purchases inside the company

Lab Management: To coordinate data and processes in the laboratory

Patient Management: To arrange and preserve medical records and patient data

Appointment Booking: To make appointment scheduling and management easier

Staff Management: To oversee HR procedures, monitor attendance, and manage employee data

HRMS: To make use of an extensive human resources management system

Invoicing: To oversee financial transactions, billing, and invoicing


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