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The customer is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of food-grade disposable packaging solutions. They cater to the food service and healthcare industries by offering more than a thousand food-grade disposable products that meet strict quality, durability, and hygiene criteria. All of their products are made in-house. Their collection of products is ideal for providing their customers with excellent value.


Being a large manufacturing company, the client produces a variety of end products in large numbers and needs an ERP that suits all their business needs, from purchasing the raw materials to the manufacturing of end products. The customer had previously used 2 ERP solutions that proved inadequate for their needs and didn’t emerge as a comprehensive solution, tying all the operations related to plastic manufacturing together. Moreover, in previous ventures, there was insufficient customization according to their business requirements, resulting in operational challenges for the customer.


Our team of experts thoroughly examined the client’s current procedures, taking into account the particular issues they faced. Based on this study, we were able to pinpoint areas where an Odoo ERP solution could enhance efficiency and streamline operations by incorporating over 9 modules.

User Interface was customized and enhanced to fit the company’s processed. The final product consisted of a customized feature of creation of over 30 reports with specific data and information outputs across all modules which cater to the various functional areas within the company. For the purpose of analysis, decision-making, and performance monitoring across various business domains, these reports are essential.


Plastic Manufacturing

Customer’s Testimonial

“The team was highly collaborative with our business executives and worked well to address all our business problems. We are impressed with the solution and believe that we did the right thing by approaching this company.”

Modules Implemented

Purchase: To easily analyse the purchase process and have a hard copy of the various purchase reports.

Sales: made the sales process of clients easier with less time consumption and more effective results by increasing boundary of sales.

Inventory: The inventory module manages vendor price lists, products, and prices, enabling employee quotations, purchase orders, tracking, and configuration options like minimum quantity setting and bill control.

Manufacturing: To oversee and control the manufacturing process.

Accounting: For records of payment and money flow.

HRMS: To manage and monitor all activities related to employee, from recruiting to resignation.

Fleet: Containing details of all vehicles related to the company.

Custom Dashboard: To easily access all the modules with a single click.

Tally Integration: To improve data accuracy, expedite financial procedures, and give a more complete picture of the company’s activities.


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