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How Odoo Transforms Manufacturing Companies into Industry Leaders

Manufacturing a product requires usage of various raw material and converting each raw material into a finished good which is a tedious and complicated process. Manufacturing industries adhering to production of various products requires a centralized software to manage it from one point. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is one of the major needs for a manufacturing industry as it deals with various departments. Each department has various requirements and each business has its own model to which the business processes. Generally manufacturing companies manages larger quantity of materials starting from tracking to final product. Odoo for manufacturing module enables the manufacturing industry to deal with the manufacturing process with utmost customizability as it is an open-source software and it can be customized to each business models. Each module contains various features which helps in efficiently managing the manufacturing business..

Banibro has dealt with numerous manufacturing clients with our team of experts. We assist business manage their production process from initial setup to ongoing training and support.

1. Starting from the manufacturing order which includes Manufacturing order, work order and repair order which involves managing the product from assembly line to the product launch and the repair items management.

2. Companies involved in mass production should have an authority over components inventory, to accurately plan demand, to schedule the production and to effectively coordinate distribution channels which will provide on time production and execute their planned strategy which can be easily attained with Banibro odoo software.

3. The quality check feature helps the company to analyse and check the quality of raw material before production. We help companies to manufacture high quality product with our implementation of Odoo software.

4. One of Banibro speciality is that we provide 24/7 maintenance and support in case of error or any mishaps which can be easily sorted with odoo and with our highly equipped maintenance team.

5. The business intelligence feature in Odoo such as MRP efficiency report helps analyse the usefulness of a machinery and how effectively the machinery are used. As manufacturing industries heavily rely on machinery for production, this report feature helps ascertain the overall machinery usage. We help companies understand their usefulness of their asset and the machinery which needs to be replaced with timely check of the MRP reports.

Odoo for manufacturing industry is the major necessity and helps the business to efficiently work. Banibro specializes in providing start to end implementation to support and maintenance and help ascertain the business and provide with reports to efficiently improve and utilize the resources with budget friendly software implementation. We ensure your business stays ahead of your competiton.

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