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Streamlining Technical Challenges: How Banibro's Technical Support Optimizes Odoo Performance

Streamlining Technical Challenges: How Otibro's Technical Support Optimizes Odoo Performance

Odoo is a all in one business ERP platform which helps business to enhance productivity at a higher rate with lesser implementation time. Odoo serves all industries irrespective of their workflow with general and standard business practices. To know more about Odoo, you can refer to our previous blog – What is Odoo.
Odoo has lesser implementation time only when its planned properly and get on time support. Implementation process is more important phase of an ERP software lifecycle where on time support plays a key role. Banibro offers different Odoo support packages to ease your implementation and go live phases. Support can be online or offline, it can be decided as and when required.

Why Banibro:

Domain Expertise:

We can address your go live issues within the specified time since we have experts in all domains they can guide you the proper way of implementation without any hurdles.
Cost Effective:
Comparatively, we offer most cost effective solution in the ERP market.
Response Time:
You can expect an immediate response from our support team for your tickets and a quick resolution as well.
Happy Customers:
We have a list of happy customers who are specially staying with us for our uninterrupted support and service.

Types Of Support:

Odoo may require different type of support.

Server Support

We provide support for Odoo server set up like installation, configuration and maintenance. We can also map domain and SSL of your instance. We can manage your complete Odoo server support.

Functional Support:

Our domain experts and Odoo Business Analysts will help you solve any kind of complex issues with a proper and acceptable solution. Our Team will make sure they suggest the best standard practice which will serve the purpose.

Functional Support includes:

Technical Support:

With our well experienced development, we can fix any kind of complex issues within a short span of time. We follow standard coding practice so code analysis will not be a time-consuming process which makes fixing bugs easier.

Module Support:

We can support any third-party module which require bug fixes. Also, we can customize any third-party modules if required.


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