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Streamlining Green Building Consultancy: A Sustainable ERP Success Story

About Client

The client is a prominent green building consultancy firm that specializes in providing sustainable solutions for construction projects. With a strong commitment to environmental stewardship, the client assists organizations in achieving their sustainability goals by implementing green building practices and obtaining eco-certifications.

The Challange

  • CRM – Leads Management: 

    The client struggled with effectively managing leads and tracking the progress of potential opportunities, resulting in missed business opportunities and inefficient sales processes.

  • HRMS – Recruitment and Employee Management:

    The client faced challenges in streamlining their recruitment process and managing employee data, leading to time-consuming administrative tasks and difficulties in talent acquisition.

  • Project Management:

  • The client needed a solution to manage projects efficiently, including tracking project timelines, allocating resources, and capturing accurate time tracking data for billing purposes.

    Invoicing and Accounting:
  • The client’s invoicing and accounting processes involved significant manual data entry, leading to errors, delays, and challenges in managing accounts receivable.

Our Approach

Needs Assessment: We conducted a detailed analysis of the client’s CRM, HRMS, project management, and accounting requirements to understand their pain points and specific needs.

Solution Design: Based on the assessment, we designed a comprehensive ERP software solution that integrated modules for CRM, HRMS, project management, and accounting, providing a unified platform for streamlined operations.

Customization and Implementation: Our team customized the Odoo ERP for green building consultancy to align with the client’s unique workflow, ensuring seamless integration with their existing systems and a user-friendly interface.

Training and Support: We provided comprehensive training to the client’s team, empowering them to effectively utilize the ERP software, and offered ongoing technical support to address any questions or concerns.

Our Solution


Leads Management: The ERP software included a robust CRM module that enabled the client to track leads, manage customer interactions, and analyze sales performance, enhancing lead conversion rates and improving overall sales effectiveness.


Recruitment and Employee Management: Our solution incorporated an HRMS module that streamlined the recruitment process, allowing the client to efficiently manage job postings, applicant tracking, and candidate evaluation. Additionally, it provided comprehensive employee management capabilities, including records maintenance, performance tracking, and leave management.

Project Management:

Our ERP software included a project management module that facilitated efficient project planning, resource allocation, and tracking of project timelines. It also offered features for capturing accurate time tracking data, enabling seamless billing and project profitability analysis.

Invoicing and Accounting:

Our ERP solution reduced manual data entry by automating the invoicing process and integrating it with the accounting module. This resulted in faster and more accurate invoicing, improved accounts receivable management, and enhanced financial visibility for the client.


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